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GS890 10~120KVA (3:3) (208V)

GS890 10KVA ~ 120KVA (208V) is three-phase input and three-phase output uninterruptible power supply system for Latin Americans’s applications with line voltage 200 / 208 / 220Vac. It adopts on-line double-conversion technology controlled by DSP (Digital Signal Processor) microprocessor. It complys with advanced design criteria improving the performance of components, minimizing the quantity of raw material used on the magnetism and reducing the number of semiconductors thus reducing servicing time and ownership costs. The UPS has high input power factor (> 0.99) with built-in output isolation transformer. The inverter transformer prevents the direct feed-through of the battery potential into the critical load and allows a very high rejection ratio of the power supply disturbances (spikes, surges etc).