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Hybrid Bi-direction Solar Inverter GS3 K

Hybrid Bi-direction Solar Inverter GS3 K

Hybrid (Bi-direction) Solar Inverter is PV energy combined with energy storage systems. It utilizes solar power, AC utility and battery power to ensure continuous power supply, and users can store the unused energy produced during the day by PV system in the battery and use it whenever they needs, even at night, it helps achieve a high self-consumption rate and greater energy self-sufficiency.


Operating Flexibility

●Operating modes can be programmed flexibility

● On-grid operating, easy feed-in to the grid, backflow prevention, energy self-generation and self-consumption

● Off-grid operating, no worry about grid power failure

● Solar power, battery power and AC utility power source to provide loads with continuous power

● Even with grid or PV input only, inverter can still start working without battery

●Priority of PV, battery or grid power source can be programmed flexibly

● High efficiency of battery management system, EOD, floating voltage and charge current are settable


High Efficiency and Safety

● Soft-switching technology, improving inverter efficiency

● DSP complete digital control technology

● Small size, light weight, easy installation

● Superior protection


Intelligent Monitoring

● LCD, LED display real-time operating information

● Monitoring software display real-time operating information

● Monitoring software make operating modes programmed and control

● Various communications selectable via USB, RS485, SNMP

Technical Specification

Rated power3000 W
Operating modeFlexible setup via upper computer software or LCD interface
Max. input power4500 W
Rated input voltage360 Vdc
Max. input voltage500 Vdc
Start-up voltage115 Vdc
Initial feeding voltage150 Vdc
MPPT voltage range250 Vdc ~ 450 Vdc
Max. input current18 A
PV short circuit current18 A
Number of MPPT1
Battery typeLithium battery
Rated voltage51.2 Vdc
Voltage range46.4 Vdc ~ 57.6 Vdc
Battery typeVRLA AGM maintenance-free battery
Rated voltage48 Vdc
Voltage range40 Vdc ~ 58 Vdc
Battery capacity100 Ah ~ 120 Ah optimized
Rated charger power1425 W
Max. charging current25 A (5 A / 10 A / 15 A / 20 A / 25 A settable)
Charging curve3-Stage
Max. charging efficiency94%
Rated discharge power3000 W
Max. discharge current100 A
Max. discharge efficiency94%
AC start-up voltage120 Vac
Grid voltage range170 ~ 280 Vac
Rated grid frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Allowed grid frequency50 ± 5 Hz / 60 ± 5 Hz
AC input power5100 VA / 5100 W
Max. input current30 A
AC OUTPUT (connect with load
Rated output power3000 VA / 3000 W
Rated output voltage230 Vac(208 / 220 / 240Vac settable)
Rated output current13.0 A (14.4 A / 13.6 A / 12.5 A)
Output voltage range184 Vac ~ 264.5 Vac
Rated output frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Output frequency precision± 1%
Power factor0.9 leading ~ 0.9 lagging
Output voltage precision± 1%
Transient recovery time≤ 40 ms
Peak factor3 : 1
Linear load waveform distortion≤ 3%
Short circuit current45 A (100 ms)
Off-grid mode → On-grid mode0 ms
On-grid mode → Off-grid mode10 ms
MPPT efficiency99%
Max. PV efficiency96%
CommunicationsUSB / RS485 / SNMP (optional)
Protection ratingIP20
Operating temperature0 ~ 40℃(> 40℃ derating)
Max. relative humidity0 ~ 90%
Max. altitude< 1000 m (> 1000 m derating)
Coolingforced ventilation
AlarmLED, buzzer
DisplayLED, LCD
Noise≤ 50 dB
Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm)410 × 123 × 470
Packaged dimensions (W×D×H) (mm)508 × 582 ×183
Net weight (kg)14.42
Gross weight (kg)16.40